Rockers downtown // Red Bluff child and family photographer

So while I was browsing Zulily, it's like a daily thing for me lol, I came across these rocker shirts.  I had been wanting to shoot some more urban style images and I decided these would be perfect for this shoot I was styling.  I had been chatting with these kids' mom for a bit about a session so I shot her a message with a link the the clothes.  She loved them!  We decided that they would be a perfect fit for the look we were going for.  Mom picked up a couple other pieces to compliment the main idea of the session and we ran with it.  I drove around town searching for the "right" location.  I had shot on Main street in Red Bluff a few weeks before and new that was not the look I wanted for this.  Then I came across this gem.  I love love love skull and crossbones, always have.  The area was low traffic, which I always consider when working with kids, and the streets were nice and wide and had some other cool buildings in the area if we decided to go walking.  Sold.  Now the day came for the session, it was storming and on the verge of raining, insert my pouty whine here.  We had been waiting for this day for like months, and neither of us wanted to gamble that the weather would get better anytime before spring.  We decided just to roll with it.  A little dark and gloomy and windy may set the tone, and I think it ended up working out awesome.  Siblings can be challenging to shoot, but these kids were troopers, giggling and did not mind getting all cuddled up, maybe it was cuz it was cold?  Anyway we took all these images within one block on on side of the street.  You don't need to big open field or park somewhere to take photos, just a small patch of somewhere pretty.

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