Dance Session // Red Bluff Child Portraiture

This is the second time I have worked with this adorable princess.  The first time was my horse mini sessions last fall.  Which I will be doing in the spring 2018 by the way...  I had shared a big fancy dress on my Facebook page and had posted that someone needed to rent it, kinda joking, kinda serious.  Her mom was totally on board and booked the session and rented the gown!!  EEEEEEEK!  Fast forward to earlier this month.  We originally had planned a snow session and mom wanted to feature this little's dance moves.  One of the things I love is when clients come to me with a specific idea they want to use for their session, then I can bring out the art side based on those ideas.  Well again, snow was minimal and we decided to shoot the session here in Red Bluff instead.  The Sacramento Discovery Center has this cool little bridge on one of the walking trails and I thought it would be the perfect touch for her dance poses, kind of like a dance bar?  Mom again rented two amazing dresses from the vendor I had shared.  The day was very bright and the leaves were all yellow, the dresses were a great light pallet so I went with a nice airy edit to keep it all cohesive.  This girl's smile just makes me smile, she got right out there and posed her heart out, smiling away the whole time.  She was so willing to go with all the ideas mom and I had come up with and seemed to really enjoy are time playing around and being in front of my camera.  It has been such a dry fall and winter so far it has allowed for a lot of time to shoot sessions.  Fall is great for family sessions, but also for portraits of children.  The weather is cool and the colors are like no other time of year.  Another great thing about this location, that I look for when choosing locations is safety.  There are people out walking through the area, but it is away from any streets and there are lots of trees around which provide great open shade for portrait lighting.  When working with kids I always try and think of the safest areas so the kids can have room to move around and relax without causing stress to myself or parents.  Obviously the older the kiddos get the more they take direction and are great staying in a small area, but this location has room to run if we need it!  Happy Friday all, please leave me some love or a question if you have it! <3 Amy

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