Family Snow Session at Lassen // Red Bluff Family Photographer

I love the winter.  I started offering snow sessions a few years ago during December.  It started as a way to continue shooting even when the weather was rainy here in the valley, but has turned into something my clients wait for!  Although I would love to share every image from the snow sessions I just can't, not enough time in the day.  So I will share a few highlights as I can, you can also check more out on my Facebook page.  These beautiful people are some of my family. The cool part about this family is the oldest and my oldest are only 3 months apart.  They get along so well when our busy lives let us get them together.  I always love working with this family because they are willing to try anything or go anywhere to adventure.  The love they have for each other shines through in these images, which is my most favorite thing to capture.  We had to drive up a little farther into the mountains to get snow as it has not been as stormy in the valley this year, but I think you can agree it was well worth it.  The light was coming through the trees so perfectly that day, and it helped that it made it a little "warm" in the sun also, the shade was FREEZING.  This season has really got me back into photographing families and I hope to keep up this momentum throughout 2018.  I have some super fun annual themed mini sessions coming up as well.  I am feeling pumped!  

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